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Longing to be back

In many ways I regard Corfu as my spiritual home, and the oceanis plays a significant role in all that. At times like today when I'm sat in my offices in Manchester, i have to switch off for a few minutes and check out the oceanis web site and 3D tour. The pictures represent the oceanis exactly how it it, in all its magnificence. The Colours of the Ionian, the greens the emeralds, the turquoise, the blue's and the beatiful olive groves skirting the slopes of Pantokrator. The peace and serenity seem a million miles away from the fast moving, in your face mentality of a Northern England Morning.
I have these images in my mind from my 3rd visit to the oceanis. Of Dancing on the Bar until the small hours and nearly breaking my hand on the ceiling fan, of reading my books by the banana tree near the corner of the pool, of swimming in the crystal clear waters below, and of watching Niko's uncle pedal his boat in the pursuit of fresh Octopus.
And was that Octopus in Mustard or Vinegar something else. Quite superb
My fellow guests have probably forgiven my stupid dancing by now. Its is not a pretty sight seeing a slightly over weight chap from Widnes dancing on a bar.But I enjoyed it immensley and once again I was able to find the real me.

You should go here if you want to find yourself, and be entertained by Nikos serving drinks into the small hours. I cant wait to go again.